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Dies Punches Storage Cabinet

Correct storage + good tooling handling = less press downtime due to damaged tooling, Punches are damaged more during their handling than in production. These cabinets provide a safe storage option for your tools.

Types of Storage Cabinets for Dies and Punches

  • Horizontal Punch & Die Cabinet

  • Vertical Punch & Die Cabinet M.S

Advantages of Dies Punches Cabinets:

  • Systematic and indexed storing of tools
  • Protection from dust, moisture and mishandling
  • Compact design, free floor space
  • Durability
  • Dimensional accurateness
  • Smooth and noiseless sliding of doors
  • Compact and sturdy design which occupies less floor space
  • Central locking arrangement delivered
  • Corrosion resistance
We plan and make an outstanding variety of Punch and Die cabinet vertical drawers, which are well esteemed by our international clients for their spotless design and effectiveness value. Fabricated using high grade steel such as SS304, SS316, SS304L, SS316L.

We construct an extensive range of punch and dies cabinet drawers, which are made particularly to cater to the requirements of the tablet formulating industries. These are factory-made using best quality steel and under the observant eye of our team of expert specialists and fabricators, who guarantee that only a perfect variety is supplied to our clients.
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