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  Protracted use of punches and dies can cause difficulties like-weight difference, tablet rigidity difference, unnecessary powder leakage, and twisting of small size punch tips. These variations can be addressed by the Die-punch inspection kit. Calculating is vital after polishing and repairs to guarantee that critical tooling dimensions are staying in acceptance.

Can be used manually by means of conventional equipment (micrometers, height gauges, and go-no go gauges). These glitches, if not taken care of on time, can result in an expensive breakdown. To co-relate these precise Problems with the variations in the tooling, the following limitations need to be evaluated with the help of this kit. Working height consistency of all punches Punch tip to die bore clearance Punch tip to body concentricity.

Besides the defensive maintenance, first time complete assessment program can be embark on for the following limitations with the help of INSPECTION KIT :
Examines height uniformity of all the punches Hollow penetration of the punches
Checks punch body to punch tip concentricity Die outdoor diameter consistency
Checks Die bore Go / No go status Die height regularity
Check all other significant dimensions Die hole GO / NO GO examination
Punch tip to die before clearance Die ID to OD concentricity.
Punch tip to die bore concentricity.    
Punches & dies, after prolonged usage, can give rise to any of the following problems :
Extreme Weight Difference Extreme powder leakage from lower punch / collar formation
Tablet Hardness Difference Twisting of small size punch tips produced by extreme compression pressure
To relate these exact difficulties with the variations in the tooling, the following limitations must be evaluated with the help of this inspection kit :
1. Determining operational height consistency in all the punches. The holding bush must be used to create the punch remain stable during the measurement. While examining, make sure that the Dial point touches the lowest point the punch cavity.  
The penetration of the cavity would be the dissimilarity between the entire height and working height of the punch.
2. The whole height of the punch can be tested by placing the punch in upturned position, supported in the holding bush and matching it with the average height gauge.  
3. Testing tip to Body concentricity of the punch.  
4. Checking Die ID to OD concentricity
Checking Die OD uniformity and comparing it with the typical Die Block.
5. Checking Die height consistency.  
6. Die hole size accuracy can be checked by GO / NO GO plug gauges.  
7. Punch tip and body diameter size can be tested with the Micrometer.  
The Inspection Kit includes the following :
1. Dial gauge compactor stand with a least count of 0.001"
2. Micrometer Range : 0.25 mm Least count : 0.01 mm
3. Punch holding bushes - 2 Nos - 1 for B type of punch & other for D type of punch
4. Punch height gauge made to exact height of the punch = 5.260"
5. Die OD block : covers 3 standard sizes of the Die OD :
D type - 38.105 mm
B type - 30.162 mm
BB type - 24.00 mm
6. Magnetic V - Block
7. Round die GO - NO GO gauges
8. Magnifying Glass
9. 3 Nos Die Pocket Cleaner - D/B/BB type for cleaning the die pockets in the turret of the tabletting machine.
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