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Pharmaceutical Machineries: Tablet Making Machines, Packaging, Powder and Liquid Filling Machines

KAIZEN International is an internationally known manufacturer and supplier of various Pharmaceutical Machineries. It has been dealing with a number of quality products since a long time. All the products manufactured at Kaizen are of ultimate excellence. We have a team of expert engineers who ensure customer satisfaction at every stage of the production.

KAIZEN International manufactures and exports range of Tablet making machines and their apparatus, our products have gained worldwide appreciation for its quality standards. Tablet Making Machine is also termed as tablet press or tablet compression machine. Our company has been proving its worth in the industry by manufacturing machines in numerous classifications depending on the demand of the industry and our clients.

There are various kinds of tablet making machines available in the market. Kaizen manufactures and exports many kinds of such machines like :

Cone Blender Kneader Ball Mill Coating Pan Tablet Press
Universal Mixer Pulverizer Multi Mill Comminuting Mill Tablet Counters
V Type Blender Jet Mill Tray Dryer Powder Filling Machine Tablet De-Duster
Ribbon Blender Vibro Sifter Mass Mixer Capsule Sorting Machine Tablet Dust Extractor
Double Cone Blender Turbo Sifter Sifter Cum Mill Capsule Filling  Machine Tablet Dies & Punches
Lifting Tippling Device Auto Coater Fluid Bed Dryer Capsule Polishing Machine Tablet Metal Detector
Rapid Mixer Granulator Roll Compactor Fluid Bed Processor Capsule Inspection Machine Tablet Inspection Belt
Octagonal Conta  / Bin Blender Mechanical Sifter Oscillating Granulator Capsule Changed Parts Tablet Counting  Machine
        Tool Kit
Paste Mixer Pulverizer Jacketed Vessel Liquid Filling  Machine Aluminum Tube Filling  Machine
Stirrer Homogenizer Planetary Mixer Paste Filling  Machine Laminated Tube Filling  Machine
Homogenizer Transfer Pump Ointment Plant Tube Filling  Machine Rotary Bottle Washing Machine


Blister Changed Parts Pouch / Bag Sealer Strip Packing Machine Label Over Printing Machine Container Sealing Machine
Blister Packing Machine Crimping Machine P. P. Capping Machine Label Gumming Machine Packing & sealing Machine
Packing Conveyers Container Stools Tablet Counter Punch & Dies Storage Cabinet
Racks, Trolley, Etc. Cupboards Chairs Capsule counters Blister Change Parts Storage Cabinet
Storage Units / Tanks Measuring Cups Trolleys Multi Mill Screens Spares for  Blister  Packing Machine
Jacketed Vessels Scoops Tables Sivies Spare For Tablet Press
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