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Tablet De-Dusters

De-Duster is used for the purpose of de-dusting and debarring. Staples vibration creates a vertical ascension of the products. The approximate height of the de-dusters varies from 500 to 1200mm in straight relation with the outlet height necessary. The curved enabled rising movement of tablets has been attained in 316L stainless steel with nonstop TIG welding. This particular equipment uses a new principle of dust extraction, instantly unraveling any powder excess during the de-dusting process.

Abstractly, extreme caution has been taken to regulate the noise level along with following maximum GMP standards. The clean–up is extremely stress-free, done without any use of tools. Equipment is obtainable in mirror finish. An elective two-way diverter permits you to shift from one bin to the other without operator’s action. Tablet De-Dusters are high technology machines used to clean the tablets coming out of the Tablet Press. Tablet De-Dusters clean the excess dust from the Tablets before they are packed. The tablet De-Duster machines make use of a vibratory De-Duster to clean the tablets. This vibratory De-Duster has one of its ports linked to an appropriate suction device. These machines require least care and are easy to clean and have easily variable parts.
Importance of Tablet De-Dusters:
Tablet De-Dusters are essential, every time there is the process of tablet pressing. This is because with tablet pressing, surplus powder is generated that observes to the surface of tablets. The method of tablet press leads to the creation of limits because of which permission between the punch and the die also known as 'Burrs' is formed. Burrs make the tablets uneven in size to properly fit into blister packaging and delays the correct closing of aluminum foil. By eliminating both the powder and the burrs, De-Dusters allow tablet covering and packaging machinery to implement as intended.

Kaizen takes pride in introducing its first ever product in this series, called Elevating De-duster. This works on the principle of vibration, which causes elevating type movement of the Tablets.

Due to vibrations, the tablets which are entering through the charging spout at the bottom of the spiral assembly move upward in a spiral path and are discharged through the discharge outlet. Tablet de-dusting is performed as the tablets pass over multilevel vibrating Spiral plates. The tablets vibrate and move upward around the perforated spiral plates, until they move up through discharge.

All contact portions are prepared of extremely high mirror polished S.S. 316. All closures in powder contact part are delivered in food grade nontoxic white rubber or food grade nontoxic white silicon rubber. The stand is prepared from stainless steel whose height is modifiable for charging height (discharge from Tableting machine) from 700 to 850 mm.

Types of De-Dusters

  1. Vertical Vibratory
  2. Horizontal Vibratory
  3. Brush-type

Vertical vibratory (Elevating)

: The perpendicular vibratory De-Dusters use vibration to travel the tablet up in a twisting along a smooth, punched surface. As the machine carries the tablets, they rub alongside one another and shed their burrs. The mild vibration also releases and eliminates dust as the tablets go up on the curved pathway. The vertical vibratory De-Dusters are the most operative and most widely held for De-Dusting tablets.

Elevating type movement of the Tablets offers following advantages:

  • Due to elevating type movement, height of discharge chute increases. This is typically advantageous when using Compression machines with low discharge height which require an arrangement for online Metal detector.
  • While going in rising way through approx. 4.7 meters spiral pathway on vibrating punctured plates, dust will drop down by gravity as well as outlying de-dusting through holes of the perforated spiral plates. Uplifting type movement of tablets guarantees that tablets impending closer to discharge are nearly totally dust free matched to the normal De-duster where cleaned tablet traveling downward are receiving falling dust at every stage.
  • The tablets can be blasted with compressed filtered air jet from up to hasten de-dusting competence if central vacuum (utility) is feeble. The dust-loaded air is removed by vacuum nozzle given at the bottom tray by linking with central vacuum (utility) or appropriate capacity Dust extractor.

Features of Vertical Vibratory De-Dusters

  • Frequency control (optional)
  • Electric power used is less than other equipments of the same form.
  • Height alteration ability delivered with the unit to outfit with any Rotary Tablet Compression Machine.
  • Effective De-Burring & De-Dusting and full suction output is focused on De-Dusting region for throwing out powder. Dust extraction linking through 40mm Dia Vacuum port.
  • Compress air for inlet cleaning.
  • Tablet carrying way is so geometrically made for stress-free clean of tablets on their burrs.
  • All contact parts are prepared of stainless steel and apparatuses can be effortlessly washed or sterilized.
  • Appropriate for tablet sizes of above 5mm and 25mm

Horizontal Vibratory De-Duster:

: The horizontal vibratory De-Dusters is similar to the vertical De-Dusters (Elevating) ( in operation. Tablets are moved out of the tablet press onto a flat, perforated vibratory bed, which shakes and vibrates the dust off. Unlike vertical De-Dusters, horizontal units don't convey upward and thus cannot reach tall bulk bins.


Brush-type tablet De-Dusters are obtainable in both the formations, i.e., vertical and horizontal. The machine uses a motor driven rotary brush that at the same time takes and De-Dusters the tablets. Brush-type units are operative but are more perfect to handle capsules
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