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Tablet Dies & Punches are the most important tools in the production of finished tablets using Granules & Tablet Press. As we are all aware, the word KAIZEN means continually striving to achieve the highest standards of excellence. Our commitment to improvising manufacturing technologies, people and training is absolute; all with the objective of delivering even greater levels of satisfaction to our customers.

KAIZEN is a renowned dealer of punches and dies to creators of tablets all over the world. Our aim to develop pioneering material and products, united with present-day Quality Assurance Technology has made us successful and accepted by customers worldwide. Consumers of Tablet Dies & Punches have benefitted from improved product quality and have detected augmented output as a direct result of our firm devotion to quality, improvement and the understanding of tablet science.

Our main trust is that the finest solutions come from working in corporation with our customers. Hence, KAIZEN is dedicated to the delivery of complete pre and after–sales support service, to guarantee that each and every tooling requisite obtains attentive and separate attention. So, no matter what tablet you create and what press you use, our skill and desire will assuredly aid you to develop both your product and your productivity. KAIZEN also applies technology to the making of Tablet Dies & Punches for the manufacture of Ayurvedic, (Nutraceutical) Cosmetic, Detergent, Veterinary and Confectionary products.

We focus all our skill and industrial knowledge on manufacturing the greatest tool for the tablet that is being made. We don’t sell tools from run-of-the-mill; each Die & Punch we produce is as per the necessity from our valued customers. We also safeguard strict devotion to exact necessities of the product, thus creating it with the correct dimension and shape.

The most critical stage is making the Master Hob for the tablet as per its size and shape. This process requires expertise coupled with advanced technology. For this purpose, we use highly upgraded software for making an accurate master Design for the tablet. This software is integrated with the CNC engraving set-up to generate a supreme surface with fine engraving.

Understanding your needs :

We upgrade our technical data, to develop customized offerings that are most suitable to your needs.

We have proficiency in creating tablet tools for machineries from brands, such as Cadmach, Clit, Cip, Cemach, Colton, Courtoy, Daniel, Erweka, Fette, Hata, Hansect, Horn, JCMC, Kikusi, Killian, Korsch, Manesty, Narong, Ronchi, Stroke, Sejong, Nilmide & ZP.

We understand the difficulties faced globally by pharmaceutical tablet manufacturers, today. In an endeavor to continually align ourselves to the dynamic changes in the market, we upgrade our processes to bring unique tooling, which helps increase the product ratio as well as the life span of tooling.

Standard Tooling :
KAIZEN have been offering precisely progressive, high-end tablet tooling solutions since a long period and we are satisfied of our standing in the industry. We also use the same high quality steel and apply the similar demanding standards to each tool we manufacture. We create Tablet Dies & Punches to fit any tablet press universally so if you produce tablets, we can supply the punches

Multi-Tip Tooling:

KAIZEN considers that increasing efficiency in current tablet manufacture is a constant test. And we at KAIZEN are continuously struggling to assist our partners in their mission for improved ability; therefore we have developed our range of Multiple Tip tooling.
KAIZEN has been the leading in the manufacturing of Multi-tip tools for over a decade; this practice has culminated in today’s inspiring array of configuration options to suit many products.

Benefits of Multi Tipping Tool:

Growth in efficiency - Number of tablets per turret rotation is multiplied by the number of tips
No big capital expenditure on new tablet presses, that is higher tooling costs are effortlessly overshadowed by improved output
Decrease in press run-time per output of tablets that is minimum care is required per batch of tablets produced
Decrease in press setup-time per output of tablets
A smaller amount of tablet presses used to satisfy output hence needing less floor space leading to more product produced per Sq Meter
All of the above lead to reduction in overall plant running costs

Designer Shaped Tooling for Tablet Punches and Dies

In addition to the standard tablet forms, we also manufacture custom-tailored tablet punches and dies of varying shapes/sizes. Some such shapes that we have manufactured, include Teddy Bears, Robots, Dinosaurs, Elephant, Mango, Flower, etc. We have the know-how to develop any shape of the tablet and this is only limited by your imagination.

Neutraceutical Tooling

Neutraceutical and homeopathic formulations can comprise of a very high inorganic content and hence often display severely rough features. We can help creators of these products overcome these adverse effects through the use of special steels, treatments and coatings.
Universal Seal Groove/Bellows & Drip Cups
We provide punches with the Universal Seal Groove, which allows Bellows to be fitted onto upper punches forming a flexible seal between the Turret and the Punch Barrel thus reducing the risk of oil contamination from the machine’s lubrication system. Drip Cups can also be fitted to the Universal Seal Groove, allowing the user a choice of solutions. The Universal Seal Groove can be provided with all types of Punches.
Steel Technology

Our years of proved performance and experience have resulted in choosing a unique grade range of steels, for our products, which are all refined for good strength. To further enhance the performance of our tooling, we developed a range of treatments and coatings. Close contact with our clients permits us to advice on tooling treatments perfectly matched to resolving a vast range of common but extremely compound tooling difficulties like sticking, corrosion, excessive wear, granule impregnation etc.

Choosing the accurate steel for every application is the outright key to the effective performance of your tablet compression tooling. Good steel choice will help you attain an optimal equilibrium of the following steel properties :

Benefits Include :
Rough wear resistance
Adhesive wear resistance
Great rigidity levels
Compressive power
Rust resistance
Clean structure
Good machinability and formability

Coating / Plating for Punches & Dies:

We provide a set of treatments and coatings that augment the performance of substrate material for punches and dies. These coatings offer the following benefits:
Better surface rigidity
Enhanced wear resistance
Enhanced rust resistance
Better anti-stick features
HCPL (Hard Chromium)
A coating of silver color which defends the surfaces of punches and dies, enhancing corrosion and wear repelling properties and decreasing friction and adhesion.
Specification :
Hydrogen de-embrittlement method is passed
Coating thickness of 3-6 microns
Color silver/chrome
Hardness 800 - 900Hv
Can be used in both punches and dies
Advantages :
Delivers overall corrosion resistance
Upsurges surface stiffness over base material
Reduced power failure due to elimination of hydrogen embrittlement
Decreases friction and sticking to a certain degree
Low rate
Appropriate for all tooling
Rapid delivery times
Stress-free to clean and uphold by means of an ultrasonic bath and light automated polishing
Can increase wear resistance
Meticulous coating thickness safeguards reliable coating performance
Better tooling performance over base material
HCPL + (Hard Chromium Plus) :
Description :
A proprietary Kaizen process that modifies the surface reducing the effect of formulation sticking to the punch face
Defends the surfaces of punches with improved corrosion and wear resisting properties
Advantages :
Improved anti-stick properties over HCPL (Hard Chromium)
As for HC above PLUS
Increased output through reduced tableting problems caused by sticking
Less ‘down time’ for repeated cleaning

CRN (Chromium Nitride) for Punches and Dies

Description :
An outstanding surrounding coating to avoid sticking and thus defending the surfaces of punches and dies, while improving resistance to corrosion and wear
CRN delivers a superior, nearly fault free surface which is very smooth when matched with any coatings due to our exclusive technique of application
Specification :
Tremendously smooth coating
Coating thickness of 2-4 microns
Colour silver/grey
Hardness 2000 Hv
Can be functional on both punches and dies (Note: there are some die bore diameter and depth limitations)
Advantages :
Excellent anti-stick features
First-rate corrosion resistance
Overall coating supplied as regular
Punch head may stay uncoated as a choice to enhance wear features on the compression rollers
A very multipurpose premium coating
Has up to 9X the corrosion resistance of HCPL
Has more than 2X the hardness of HCPL
Flexible component coverage is presented to meet separate requirements
Very easy to clean and uphold by means of an ultrasonic bath and light automated polishing

Punches and Dies CRN + (Chromium Nitride Plus)

Description :
An added surface alteration with anti-stick features at low extra cost. This decreases the result of formulation sticking to the punch face while defending the surfaces of punches with improved corrosion and wear resisting properties.
Advantages :
Improved anti-stick properties over CRN (Chromium Nitride)
As for CRN Plus
Provides an alternative to magnesium stearate spray system without decreasing product yield
Improved productivity from decreasing tableting difficulties
Very easy to clean and uphold by means of an ultrasonic bath and light automated polishing

TN (Titanium Nitride) for Punches & Dies

Description :
A thin, gold colored coating used in the surfaces of both punches and dies which can increase wear resistance.
Specification :
Thickness 2-3 microns
Color Gold
Hardness 2300 Hv
Low thermal conductivity
Suitable for both punches and dies
Advantages :
A hard, wear-resistant coating
Might be used with all tool types
Can fight back heat transfer from the press to the formulation
Resistance to heat transfer throughout compression may deliver defense with heat sensitive formulations
The gold color can be used for stress-free identification of tooling sets
A very firm surface layer that can improve the wear resistance, improving the tooling performance over base material
Very easy to clean and uphold by means of an ultrasonic bath and light automated polishing
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