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Tablet dust extractor is enormously valuable in controlling the dust produced all through the compression of tablets. Pharmaceutical dust extractors are used to eliminate additional powder of compressed tablets.

These machineries guarantee a dust free outcome for usage and also fitness and safety of individuals consuming these pharmaceutical tablets. Removing dangerous dust during instigation and carrying them to the appropriately designed purification system is essential to defend both person as well as the plant. These machineries effectively capture dust with the air stream and carry it to the dust collector.

Dust extraction mechanism assists in eliminating dust made from tablet De-dusting, granulation & other processes. Dust extraction systems sidesteps product cross infection. At Kaizen, we produce Tablet dust extractor with many varied features manufactured by high quality stainless steel material.

Product features :
Most of these machineries are built-in with the castor wheels for a trouble-free movement
Suction ability differs depending on the size of the dust collector and the amount of tablets to be cleaned
Purification zone is situated inside the machine
The dust extractor has diverse dust storage capabilities
There are inlet manifolds and dust collection trays that enable to attach any type of tablet press machine and de-burring units
It can be fitted on any tableting machine and de-duster
Sailent Features :
Delivered with stainless steel dust collection tray and inlet connectors. (This can be delivered in m.s also for moneysaving)
Blower fan is dynamically balanced
Models CPMDE-150 CPMDE-300
Suction Capacity 150 CFM (250 m3 / hr) 300 CFM (500 m3 / hr)
Filtration Capacity 0.8 m2 1.34 m2
Storage Capacity 25 ltrs 40 ltrs
Electricals 1 HP, 3 , A.C. 1.5 HP, 3 , A.C.
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